Director's statement

In elle, I've attempted to catch a rare moment in time, the moment when 'something' happens to the teenager which, for one reason or another, becomes the defining moment in her life. 

Anna is in transition - curious about this person who may become her new mum. It was important to me that the camera sit so close, for so long, on Anna's face - that we share this journey with her - that this be the most intimate exploration for us as well as for her. 

Much is made of 'solitude' in shot composition, production design, editing, the way other characters are always leaving Anna in her frame. And there is another presence too - her absent mother - a character who exists without being there, who proves you don't have to be a ghost to 'haunt' someone. 

elle reflects my own relationship with my deceased father and echoes that time when my mother asked me: What if I took on a new partner? A question of such gravity, posed to a melancholy teen, could evoke any kind of response. Anna must take her first independent steps as an adult, find her own answers, define her own future.


Michael Bond - Writer, Producer and Director of  elle

Michael Bond - Writer, Producer and Director of elle